DRAGONHAMMER - Titta Tani And David Folchitto Announced As Special Guests For New Album

August 1, 2013, 4 years ago

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My Kingdom Music recently announced the signing of Italian power/prog metallers DRAGONHAMMER. The band's new album, The X Experiment, will be released in December, nine years after the last band's release.

The X Experiment is taking shape and the first two guests were confirmed and recorded their parts.The first presence is guitarist Francesco Fareri (JEFF LOOMIS, VITALIJ KUPRIJ, VIRTUAL MIND), with a phenomenal solo on the song 'My Destiny'. The second contribution comes from singer Roberto Tiranti (LABYRINTH, A.P.D., MANGALA VALLIS, KEN HENSLEY’S LIVE FIRE) involved in a spectacular vocal duet with singer Max Aguzzi on the song 'The End Of The World'.

Other prestigious collaborations have been confirmed for The X Experiment. Singer Titta Tani (ASHENT, PHOENIX RISING, TAKAYOSHI OHMURA, ex-DGM, drummer for GOBLIN and formerly NECROPHAGIA) will perform in a vocal duet in the song 'My Destiny' while the talented drummer David Folchitto (STORMLORD, SCREAMING BANSHEE, PROPHILAX) will record drums for the whole album. Wait for something really shattering.

The X Experiment could be defined an explosive mix of power, epic and progressive metal in the real Dragonhammer tradition and style, and is based on a great futuristic concept, a modern fantastic story set in a post-nuclear world where the chaos reigns. The X Experiment was recorded by a completely renewed lineup lead by the talent of Gae Amodio and Max Aguzzi. The release will be followed and promoted by a series of live shows in Europe. More details and news soon.

Dragonhammer lineup:

Max Aguzzi - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Gae Amodio - Bass

Roberto Franzò - Lead Guitar

Giulio Cattivera - Keyboards

Massimiliano Santori - Drums

More on Dragonhammer at this location.

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