DREAM THEATER Drummer MIKE MANGINI Featured On RICHARD CHYCKI-Produced Into The Great Divide Album; "Tests & Enemies" Track Streaming

November 28, 2017, 11 months ago

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DREAM THEATER Drummer MIKE MANGINI Featured On RICHARD CHYCKI-Produced Into The Great Divide Album; "Tests & Enemies" Track Streaming

"The unknown beckons us to take leave of the norm and embark on journeys of all kinds." And so begins the journey into the instrumental progressive rock novel Into The Great Divide, due out January 26th. The project, whose mastermind has not revealed himself, launches today with the first single, "Tests & Enemies", the album's fourth chapter. The rapturous instrumental serves as a catharsis and turning point for the record; "Tests & Enemies" is available for streaming below. You can also listen to the track here and pre-order the album via iTunes.

Born out of a love of instrumental guitar music, Into The Great Divide is a narrative journey comprised of a series of musical chapters, each reflecting a part of the story, with a narrator to guide the journey. The goal was not to simply cut instrumentals, but rather to innovate the medium and introduce a new paradigm for recorded music--the "rock novel."

Into The Great Divide re-interprets Joseph Campbell's classic and influential 1949 archetype The Hero's Journey for the narrative. Produced by Richard Chycki (Dream Theater, Rush) and featuring Mike Mangini of Dream Theater on drums, Into The Great Divide comes to life vividly and vibrantly. Voice actor Larry Davis chronicles each movement of this theme.

"The goal was to tell the story across ten individual chapters, each constructed independently to evoke the specific characteristics of that part of the story," Chycki explains.

Mangini (also known for his work with Steve Vai) added the foundational rhythm layer, laying down the tracks at Dave Grohl's 606 Studios, tracking through the legendary Sound City Neve console for a truly thunderous drum tone.

The album opens with the gorgeous cinematic piano of "The Crossing", then moves to the guitar crescendo and propulsive bass lines on "A Call To Adventure" before settling into "Under A Bright Starry Sky". The story continues to progress from chapter to chapter.  Finally near the end, we see things as though born anew on "The World You Made", an uplifting and energetic celebration before sending off the story with "And So It Ends".

The goal is for listeners to join the journey, and perhaps in the process to see progressive rock as a much more approachable musical form than they may have thought. And ultimately to experience an entirely new way of telling a story.

Once you fall Into The Great Divide, you - and the world around you - may very well never be the same ever again.

Into The Great Divide tracklisting:

Chapter 1 - Intro
Chapter 1 - "The Crossing"
Chapter 2 - Intro
Chapter 2 - "A Call To Adventure"
Chapter 3 - Intro
Chapter 3 - "Under A Bright Starry Sky"
Chapter 4 - Intro
Chapter 4 - "Tests & Enemies"
Chapter 5 - Intro
Chapter 5 - "Challenge Accepted"
Chapter 6 - Intro
Chapter 6 - "Dark Waters"
Chapter 7 - Intro
Chapter 7 - "Mist In The Sun"
Chapter 8 - Intro
Chapter 8 - "A New Perspective"
Chapter 9 - Intro
Chapter 9 - "The World You Made"
Chapter 10 - Intro
Chapter 10 - "And So It Ends"

"Tests & Enemies":

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