DREAM THEATER Vocalist James LaBrie- "14 Months Later And It's A Wrap"

October 8, 2012, 4 years ago

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DREAM THEATER released A Dramatic Turn Of Events in September 2011. Now, after performing 110 shows in 34 countries, vocalist James LaBrie has issued the following personal message:

"14 months later and its a wrap. Can't help but think how true the following words describe who and what we were becoming, but against all odds, admirably managed to transcend...

'Divided we falter, united we conquer.'

ADTOE was incredibly rewarding as a band, individually and last and definitely not least musically. On tour we all upped our game and the band was better than ever. The band was more powerful, tight, soulful and spiritually renewed. I personally was reminded of who I once was as a singer and why I dreamt of doing this as a kid. The entire band each and every night displayed conviction and confidence that was palpable. The synergy and camaraderie was unprecedented and the fans worldwide were always eager to comment with such positive praise. The unyielding support and faith from the fans has never been taken for granted. No words truly describe how grateful and honoured we are to be recipients of such fortune and benevolence."

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