DUSKMACHINE Frontman Joe Comeau - "It's Definitely A New Band, Because It Sounds Totally Different Than The First Release"

August 20, 2013, 4 years ago

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Joe Comeau (DUSKMACHINE, LIEGE LORD, ex-ANNIHILATOR) is featured in a new interview with MetalMeltdown.com. Check out the audio here; an excerpt from the transcript is available below:

On joining a new band (Duskmachine) rather than an established one (like Annihilator): "Yeah, for the first time, I feel like this is a new thing, new band, and something I'm part of that I'm going to build from the ground up. They had one other album with another singer, but it's definitely a new band, because it sounds totally different than the first release. It's good. With OVERKILL and Annihilator, I walked in and it was already established. It's a good feeling that people are really excited about it and like the album. It's doing well, and it's something I helped start, kind of. With Overkill, they wouldn't really let Sebastian or I write, or Dave or I write. Annihilator, Jeff did, but I was only able to write like 25% of what we released, if that, because he pretty much does most everything. That's the way he operates. Duskmachine is 100% lyrically, vocally."

On the importance of connecting with people: "I've heard of so many amazing guitar players and things like that - they don't ever do anything. They sit in their room. They go to the mall. They maybe have a girlfriend and go to the movies, but they don't get out there and meet people or do things. They're in their bedroom practicing all the time, so you kind of gotta get out there. I'm not saying you have to be a social butterfly or you gotta be a schmoozer, but it does help when you're actually out in the world. You run into people that have the same interests and do the same kind of stuff that you do."

Duskmachine, featuring PRIMAL FEAR/ex-Annihilator drummer Randy Black, ex-Annihilator bassist Russ Bergquist, guitarist Nikolai Wurk and Comeau released their new self-titled second album on July 26th through Massacre Records.

The artwork for the new album was designed and painted by artist Eliran Kantor, best known for his amazing work for bands such as TESTAMENT, SODOM, HATEBREED and more. The idea behind the concept-art was to create an assembly manual for the DuskMachine, hand-drawn by a mad scientist.

The new video for the album track, 'Endless', can be seen below:


More on DuskMachine here.

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