DUST's Richie Wise - "I Don't Know If There Was A Louder / Faster Band In America, Or Maybe Anywhere, As We Were"

May 24, 2013, 4 years ago

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The late '60s and early '70s proto metal band DUST recently re-released their first two albums as one Sony Legacy release. Dust singer/guitarist and KISS producer Richie Wise recently spoke with Songfacts' Greg Prato. An excerpt from the interview follows:

Q: Do you agree that Dust was one of the first US heavy metal bands?

A: "I agree. I'm going to go on record, I don't know if there was a louder/faster band in America or maybe anywhere as we were. Some of the music we played on the record showed some of that. 'Learning to Die', 'Suicide' was probably the heaviest of the tracks, from the standpoint of the first album you have 'From A Dry Camel', the big 10-minute cut. And those songs are some of the reasons why a guy like Lester Bangs, who was a big writer at that time, coined the phrase "heavy metal" in regards to certain bands that were playing a certain type of music at that time. I know for a fact that one of the bands he mentioned initially was Dust.

So in a way, I do think that some of the stuff we were doing was a forerunner to metal. On stage live, no question about it. Because the albums have a diversity; live there was no diversity. Live was just... I like to use the term "big exhale," no inhale and no subtlety. It was just loud and fast and very, very hard rock, what we used to call hard rock, but certainly what became metal. I think there are some instances of that in there. We weren't out to create anything new other than just play what was music from our hearts. We loved what we were doing and it was where we were all at in our heads. Then we took the head away and just played from the gut, and that's what came out."

Read the full interview at this location.

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