EDGUY - New Album In The Works

September 28, 2013, 4 years ago

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EDGUY / AVANTASIA vocalist Tobias Sammet has checked in with a brief update:

"Working on new material for Edguy right now. Different from Avantasia stuff, but if you think we became 'pop', wait and then SHUT UP!"

Metal Shock Finland's Blackdiamond recently spoke with Sammet about Avantasia and how the metal opera project's popularity may or may not affect Edguy.

Sammet: "We won’t disband, we will go on. We are about to start working on a new album this fall. We will take all the time we need until we come up with something that makes sense. I don’t expect a new album to come out until spring or summer 2014."

Listen to the audio interview at this location.

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