EDGUY Unveil Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown Tracklisting

February 15, 2014, 5 years ago

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On April 18th, EDGUY’s tenth studio album, Space Police – Defenders Of The Crown will hit the stores worldwide, followed by a world tour in September. The album is also going to be available as a 2CD edition with seven bonus tracks.

The tracklisting for Space Police – Defenders Of The Crown has been revealed:

‘Sabre & Torch’

‘Space Police’

‘Defenders Of The Crown’

‘Love Tyger’

‘The Realms Of Baba Yaga’

‘Rock Me Amadeus’

‘Do Me Like A Caveman’

‘Shadow Eaters’

‘Alone In Myself’

‘The Eternal Wayfarer’

Edguy frontman and AVANTASTIA mastermind Tobias Sammet checked in with the following about the album: “I just listened to Defenders Of The Crown. It’s so true metal, that even true metal people won’t stand it. Speakers literally caught fire!”

Sammett checked in with the following about the cover art: “Hey folks, this is Tobi incarnate speaking, right to your Facebook account. Check this out, we recorded a pure epic heavy Edguy album, our record label demanded a heavy metal cover artwork, so who are we to not obey?! It's got 1. Monster 2. Daredevil Action Hero 3. Fantasy Space Scape 4. Is Hand Painted 5. Fire (coming out of the…) 6. …Weapon

Now, not giving a shit and getting away with it: THAT is metal! - Tobi"

Edguy also confirmed the kick off date for the European Space Police Tour on September 19th. In Hamburg, Germany Edguy will headline the Hamburg Metal Dayz. As said the show will mark the kick off to the band‘s first full-fledged headlining European tour after the successful Age Of The Joker Tour 2011. The Metal Dayz will be the band‘s only festival show in Germany, further tour dates will be announced soon.

For more info visit Edguy.net.

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