ELIS - "We Found A Great New Singer And Are Writing New Songs Right Now"

June 14, 2011, 7 years ago

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Liechtenstein-based gothic metallers ELIS recently parted ways with singer Sandra Schleret. An update from the band reads:

"It’s now a couple of weeks ago, since the announcement of Sandra’s departure. We want to take the opportunity, to say a few words about that and give you a quick view to the future of Elis.

We knew that it wouldn’t be easy to go on with Elis after Sabine’s death and therefore we needed a strong personality as our new singer. We found this person in Sandra and it felt like we have sought and found each other. We played great concerts and tours and we created a brilliant record, Catharsis, in which we’ve put a lot of heart blood and personal feelings.

But as time goes by, Sandra’s and our interests moved in different directions and it became more and more difficult to find a common denominator. So we weren’t very surprised as Sandra told us, that she considers leaving the band. We talked for a long time and came to the conclusion, that it would be the best for all, to part ways.

Yet again, we had to decide, if we should go on with Elis and what it should look like. We agreed to give it one more try, but with a fresh start. We felt that a cut has to be done, to leave the past behind and move forward into the future.

We found a great new singer and are writing new songs right now. Our goal is to enter the studio by the end of this year to record a new album. We also are rehearsing regularly, to get ready for the stage as soon as possible.

That’s it for the moment, more news will follow soon! We want to thank Sandra for the good times we had and wish her all the best for her personal and musical future!"

Stay tuned for updates.

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