EMERALD NIGHT - King Of Elves Album Due Tomorrow; 'Drema' Lyric Video Posted

December 23, 2012, 4 years ago

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Moscow, Russia-based epic black metallers EMERALD NIGHT will release their new album, King Of Elves, tomorrow (December 24th) via Musica Production. The album was recorded at Arsafes Records by magic of Arsafes (KARTIKEYA). Check out the new lyric video for 'Drema' below:

The theme for the album's title track served as an old ballad, 'Der Erlkonig', written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in 1782. The plot is familiar to everyone from childhood: in a dark forest at night the galloping horseman's late with a young son and the boy hears the voice of the forest king who wants to kidnap him. In Russia, this work is called - "Forest King". The most famous translation of Vasily Zhukovsky, there are also versions of Grigoriev, Fet and others. Emerald Night appealed to the source and presented their vision of Goethe's ballad. The song is on the roles and combined with bright and impetuous music creates a truly enchanting atmosphere.

King Of Elves tracklisting:

'King Of Alder'


'Heart Of Queen'

'Rune Of Victory'

'Night Symphony'

'Tristan From The Ice'

'Werewolf (Oboroten)'


'Demonism 2010' (bonus)

King of Elves is the logical continuation of the predecessored album, Mirror of Trolls, and full of a mysterious theme of fantasy. Style has not changed - it is the same melodic sympho black with clearly influence of folk. Frequent changes of mood - rapid black metal melodies alternate with crystal tinkling streams and voices of forest fairies. The album has the sounds of luxurious women's voices (Runa and Darrana), complemented by three black metal scream-characters.

As with the previous album, the vocals shared between Dismael and Wsegard, also joined by Demether Grail - longtime vocalist and leader of ARCANE GRAIL. Bright artistic frontman - he growls, whispers, declaims, thanks to his participation in - the album became a real musical theater, where all the images are so realistic that you can even feel their breath! One by one's imagination go to strange characters - Tristan, the Werewolf, Berserker, ghostly servants of Oberon and other images.

Also on the album you can hear the guitars and clean vocals of Arsafes (KARTIKEYA), the master of studio Arsafes Records. Cooperation with such a high level musician allowed Emerald Night to create a really strong release. The musical component of the album mixed up on shimmering polyphonic guitar melodies. Special gravity you hear here, but it just is not necessary. The keys are pushed to the background, instead of the real flute and viola. Parts of folk instruments masterfully executed by Fedor Vetrov (WIND WATER, NEVID, OMELA).

Recall that the story of the title track to the previous release have been taken from art of Andersen. This time "ideological inspirers" for musicians were Goethe, Shakespeare, Saltykov-Shchedrin, and the modern masters of fantasy - Maria Semenova and Elena Vlasova. For the first time the band's turned to the subject of chivalry and the creatures of Scandinavian skaldic.

Emerald Night previously released the first single, ‘Berserk’, off King Of Elves.

Vocals for the track were done by Demether Grail (Arcane Grail), Runa (AURA, Emerald Night), Wsegard (ATRA MUSTUM, Emerald Night) and Dismael (Emerald Night). Listen to the track below:

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