Emmy Award Winner FABIO JAFET Posts Video Director Reel - "It Really Tells The Story Of My Career"

December 14, 2012, 3 years ago

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Nine-time Emmy Award winning and MTV Video Music Award nominated director FABIO JAFET has posted what he calls "my latest and most comprehensive reel to date. It really tells the story of my career, features never before seen video and has the debut of my son Eric , who at 14 is a music phenom and starting to cause waves!"

Fabio Jafet 2013 Reel from Fabio Jafet on Vimeo.

Jafet recently checked in with the following:

"I have been asked to post this more times than I can count. This specific segment is the reason I left TV News. It was during this assignment that I met Snake from SKID ROW and on a whim I asked him if I could do a documentary on his band. Several weeks later I quit my job as Chief Photographer at CBS Miami and was in Snake's house shooting their DVD titled Under The Skin. A few days later I found myself hanging out with PANTERA/Skids and then it was all down hill from there!

Thank you to KISS (Gene & Paul), Snake and Rachel from Skid Row, Doc McGhee and Michele Gillen."

KISS - The Last Kiss from Fabio Jafet on Vimeo.

As previously reported, Jafet has been tapped to direct the video for their song, 'Psycho, California'. Shooting will take place this month in Los Angeles.

"We are beyond excited to be working with Fabio" say guitarist Alex Grossi. "We have all been fans of his work for a long time and feel he is the perfect director to bring 'Psycho, California' to life on screen."

Jafet edited PITBULL's 'I Know You Want Me' which ended up being the number one music video of 2009 on Youtube with over a 190 million views to date, making it one of the most watched YouTube video of all time. He is currently managing the band COYOTE THEORY.

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