ENTHRONED Issue Post-European Tour Update

November 9, 2010, 9 years ago

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Belgian black metal legion ENTHRONED has issued the following brief update:

"The European branch of the Pentagrammaton World Tour is at rest!

Despise the lack of promotion this tour was amazing regarding the audience in several places, the interesting and unforgettable individuals we met and the new challanges we experienced!

A MASSIVE hail goes to each beings involved within SHINING, SVART CROWN and our crew!"

Enthroned issued the following update back in October: "(Vocalist/guitarist) Nornagest joined forces with Colombian ambient/ritual act THE RED ANGLE. This project is the work of magickal forces into left hand path tantra and luciferian sorcery. The Red Angle creates old school black metal combining the essence of ritual, ambient sound waves. The first offering in this form will be recorded by the end of the year."

More on The Red Angle at this location. More on Enthroned here.

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