EPICA Aiming For 2014 To Release New Studio Album

November 17, 2012, 4 years ago

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EPICA's new bassist Rob van der Loo is featured in a new interview with Shot @ The Show. An excerpt is available below:

Q: You joined the band in March of this year, replacing longtime bassist Yves Huts. How did the opportunity to play in Epica come about?

Rob: "The whole thing about Yves leaving the band, it’s quite obvious – I don’t want to say issues, but he had this job, he was very busy with his other work and he wasn’t that dedicated to the band anymore. Not to speak negative about him at all because he’s always been dedicated to the band, but we kind of saw it coming.

I got the phone call and they had the group conversation and they decided to part ways. My feeling told me that it was coming this year somehow, but I was quite surprised when they called me. He’s been a member for such a long time and I get along with him pretty well. Of course, I’m pretty happy to join this band, but at the moment, I was sad to see him leave as well."

Q: You’ve known the members of Epica for a long time, right?

Rob: "I’ve known Mark (Jansen/guitars, founder) since his time with AFTER FOREVER and I remember a band called SAHARA DUST when it was starting up, which actually was a support band for my band, SUN CAGED, so it’s been quite a while. We’ve been in touch for many years already."

Q: Epica’s songs often contain heavy subject matter such as religious tensions, natural disasters and the world economy. Do you feel that not enough other bands are writing about these important topics?

Rob: "Of course, but this band is not exactly a band that likes to write about demons or wizards or love songs or whatever. I like that it’s not a typical gothic band that writes about fantasy stuff. These songs are really up to date."

Q: When might the next album come out? 2014?

Rob: "We don’t have a real plan yet, but we’re aiming for that. To be honest, we’re already aiming for this summer to record the first songs. That’s our personal goal. The sooner, the better."

Go to this location for the complete interview.

Epica are currently on a headline tour through North America. The schedule is now as follows:


19 - Trees - Dallas, TX
20 - Scout Bar - Houston, TX
21 - Backstage Live - San Antonio, Tx
23 - Headliner's Music Hall - Louisville, KY
24 - Soundstage - Baltimore, MD

Check out BW&BK;'s recent interview with Epica guitarist/founder Mark Jansen conducted by Mark Gromen here.

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