Ex-ANGRA Vocalist ANDRE MATOS On The Chance Of Joining IRON MAIDEN In '94 - "I Was Not Psychologically Prepared For Such A Thing..."

September 29, 2008, 10 years ago

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Rockpages.gr has issued an interview with ex-ANGRA / ex-SHAMAN vocalist Andre Matos. In the following excerpt from the interview Matos talks about the possibility of being BRUCE DICKINSON’s replacement in IRON MAIDEN back in 1994.

Q: Do you ever think, even for a moment, what life would be like, if you were the one Iron Maiden would have chosen?

A: "Yes… I have already asked myself this question… and I thank God I wasn’t the “chosen one”… cuz I wouldn’t be here today. I don’t know where I would be. Somewhere else or even nowhere on Earth. It’s very important for me, honestly speaking, that it didn’t happen. I was not psychologically prepared for such a thing… I wouldn’t have the time to “build” myself. I’m thankful that, due to this, I can walk today as a human being and as a musician."

Read the full interview at rockpages.gr.

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