Ex-TNT Frontman TONY HARNELL Issues Details Of Forthcoming Acoustic Album, Reveals Discworld Artwork Connection

February 1, 2009, 8 years ago

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STARBREAKER / ex-TNT frontman Tony Harnell has issued the following update:

"Hello friends,

I've been working on an acoustic tribute to my songs of the past 20 plus years. I took all the fan input into consideration and created an album which I think will, simply put, make people smile. I've reworked everything, sometimes pretty drastically to bring a fresh approach to all the songs. New keys, tempos, arrangements and overall style. Some are more true to the original than others but many are quite a departure, in a good way. We're still putting the finishing touches on it. The band was recorded live as were much of the vocals. Its just been a huge delay getting it all together due to personal stuff, but we're getting there and I expect it will come together quickly now.

The working title is En Memoria Cariñosa which means In Loving Memory (of these songs). I'll announce the tracklisting soon. The band is my New York based band which is simply awesome. These are not metal guys, just excellent tasteful musicians. These guys are in demand New York City dudes who simply know how to play simple and effective. I wanted guys who could help me break these songs down to the essence of the melody and add something new and we did just that. And of course Amy is lending her beautiful voice on harmony. More info on this to come soon.And no, this is not my solo album. It will be titled Tony Harnell and Friends and will be out on Frontiers sometime this year.

In other important news, for those of you familiar with the Discworld book series by Terry Pratchett this will interest you. My beautiful and telented wife Amy is the owner and executive director of the Josh Kirby Estate. Josh Kirby is the original artist who painted all the famous Discworld book covers outside the US and brought the characters to life. Josh's long prolific career included paintings for the original movie posters of Star Wars Return of the Jedi and Monty Python's Life of Brian. Illustrations of Ray Bradbury's The Illistrated Man, Alfred Hitchcock book covers and many, many more. The official store which is now offering limited edition giclee prints by the finest master printer of fine art in New York City. All prints come with a certificate of authenticity from the Josh Kirby estate. These are collectors items for sure and are not only a cool thing for Discworld fans but a good investment as well. Trust me, these are beautiful, high quality works of art. For more information go to www.joshkirbyart.com.

More news to come soon. Love to all of you. And dont forget to buy a CD!"

Tony Harnell

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