EXODUS' Gary Holt - "Lee And I Have Been RATT Fans Forever"

May 20, 2009, 11 years ago

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In a recent interview with the Washington Post’s Express Night Out, EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt admits to his secret love of some hair metal bands:

Q: And unlike thrash, hair metal hasn't made a major resurgence.

A: "It was based more on image, not chops. And old hair bands look silly when they get older and try to slip into the same clothes they were wearing in the '80s. It's pretty humorous. Bands like ours have always been based on musicianship, chops, songwriting and performance, so it stands the test of time a lot better. Most hair bands were pretty shitty. When it comes to hair metal, I secretly love every lick GEORGE LYNCH ever played, but do I really like DOKKEN? No, but I'll listen the fuck out of George's playing. I actually like RATT - I like Ratt a lot - [and] some of the MÖTLEY CRÜE stuff. But shit like ENUFF Z'NUFF? That's pretty shitty. But [Exodus guitarist] Lee [Altus] and I have been Ratt fans forever; they had some great riffs. But back in the '80s we just couldn't admit it; they were part of the common enemy. We had to gather in secret to listen to them, make sure nobody was listening in [laughs]."

Read the full interview here.

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