EXTREME Frontman Gary Cherone's HURTSMILE Celebrate Veteran's Day With Free Download Of 'Over There' Cover

November 10, 2012, 4 years ago

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EXTREME frontman Gary Cherone's HURTSMILE are celebrating Veteran's Day with a raucous rendition of 'Over There', the 1917 song written during World War I by George M. Cohan.

"Dedicated to the men and women of the American military, the greatest force for peace on the planet! Thank you for your sacrifice! We hope you like it, and please check out the Wounded Warrior Project. Help us spread the music and the message."

The song is available for free download below or at this location.

Cherone spoke with BW&BK; scribe Carl Begai about the self-titled debut from Hurtsmile in early 2011. An excerpt is available below.

“It does remind me a lot of III Sides To Every Story,” Cherone admits. “Some of the lyrical content, some of the layers of harmonies and the movement of the music. I think of ‘Slave’ and ‘Beyond The Garden’ and the musical journey those songs take, and yeah, it’s got a similar feel to some of the stuff we did on III Sides.”

Including a very distinct middle finger being held up in the air for all to see…

“Absolutely. I don’t know if it’s intentional or just part of my make up. I mean, there’s always going to be a little bit of piss and vinegar in rock n’ roll. I’m glad you pointed it out.”

Hurtsmile also embraces III Sides To Every Story’s ‘70s atmosphere, right down to half the album tied together as a conceptual piece. It’s begging to be released as a double gatefold vinyl edition in celebration of that era and Cherone’s roots.

“The back half of the record is knit together theme-wise,” he says. “‘Stillborn’ really introduces the theme of a spiritual introspective journey. Without getting too heavy handed, it’s about soul searching, and that again may be another nod to III Sides, where the songs on the third side of that record were all connected musically and lyrically.”

Click here for the complete story. The first part of the interview can be found here.

The tracklist for the Hurtsmile debut is as follows:

'Just War Theory'


'Love Thy Neighbor'

'Kaffur (Infidel)'

'Painter Paint'

'Tolerance Song (Edit)'

'Set Me Free'

'Jesus Would You Meet Me'


'Beyond The Garden/Kicking Against The Goads'

'Just War Reprise'

'The Murder Of Daniel Faulkner (4699)'

'The Murder of Daniel Faulkner' video below includes scenes from the documentary film The Barrel Of A Gun; check it out below.


Gary Cherone - Vocals

Mark Cherone - Guitars

Joe Pessia - Bass, Mandolin

Dana Spellman - Drums, Percussion

Produced by Gary Cherone, Joe Pessia.

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