EYE EMPIRE – Featuring Members Of STUCK MOJO, TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION Release Lyric Video ‘The War Isn’t Over Yet’

October 30, 2013, 3 years ago

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EYE EMPIRE has released a lyric video for the song ‘The War Isn’t Over Yet’.

Corey Lowery (STUCK MOJO / STEREOMUD / DARK NEW DAY), B.C. Kochmit (SWITCHED), Donald Carpenter (SUBMERSED) and Ryan Bennett (TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION) all have seen success in the past through other ensembles. With the formation of Eye Empire however, they have proven a commitment to seeing through what they started. Lowery remembers, "BC and I started playing together when he was in Switched, and I knew that he would be the guitar player that I would one day create something special and lasting with. He has a great sense of melody with rhythm and solos and a great understanding of arrangement and what's best for the song. He knows the difference between shredding and holding one note, and making that one note sing. He truly has his own style as an artist." He continues, "with DC, when I met him on Halloween four years ago, from the first note he sang, I knew he was something special. He treats his voice like an instrument, always focused, pushing himself to finding new voices with each song. Lyrically, he believes in what he is singing. Never preaching, but expressing what he's been through or seen in his life on the road.

And lastly with the youngest member of the quartet Ryan Bennett, Lowery reflects, "Simply one of the baddest drummers to come to the rock 'n roll scene in years. Grabbing some of his favorite drummers and making his own style with Eye Empire. He's the guy that is always smiling staying positive until he gets behind the drums then he explodes."

Musically, they have established a connection that has witnessed an organic swell. Audiences have grown, and the band is now a bona fide headliner. It has everything to do with chemistry. They push one another to stay fresh. Thus, the chosen title of Evolve for the upcoming album which follows the band's independently released debut Impact. As Carpenter shares, "I am deeply connected to this story. You truly have to live by your heart and trust that life will lead you in the direction you are needed. I believed and it led me to Eye Empire. I will never take that for granted."

Evolve tracklisting:

‘One Day’

‘The War Isn’t Over Yet’

‘Rise (Wake Up)’

‘Beyond The Stars’




‘Head High’

‘The Man I Am’

‘Can’t Forget’

‘Don’t Look Back’

‘Live Loud’

Eye Empire live:


30 – New Orleans, LA – Hangar 13
31 – Atlanta, GA – Tabernacle


1 – Memphis, TN – Newbys
2 – Clarksville, TN – The Warehouse
3 – Johnson City, TN – Capones
6 – Louisville, KY – Diamond Pub
8 – Marion, OH – Tinks
9 – Camp Hill, PA – Gullity’s
10 – Philadelphia, PA – Voltage Lounge
12 – Fredericksburg, VA – Hard Time Café
14 – Hickory, NC – The Wizard Saloon
16 – Columbus, GA – Chaos On The Rocks
21 – St. Petersburg, FL – State Theatre
23 – Jacksonville, Fl – Brewster’s Megaplex

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