EYES SET TO KILL - 'Lost And Forgotten' Lyric Video Streaming

July 25, 2013, 2 years ago

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Tempe, AZ rockers EYES SET TO KILL are set to uncover their identity with Masks, their fifth full-length album and first for Century Media Records. Masks is set for release September 17th in North America.
"I felt like we were wearing a bunch of masks to impress people," admits singer, songwriter, and guitarist Alexia Rodriguez. "At one point, I had a bit of a revelation. We have gone through so many changes over the years, but it wasn't about anybody else. It was about us - we've really found the band's face at this point. We aren't wearing masks anymore."
Masks tracklisting: ‘Masks’ ‘Killing In Your Name’ 'Lost And Forgotten’ ‘Where I Want To Be’ ‘True Colors’ ‘Surface’ ‘Little Liar’ ‘Nothing Left To Say’ ‘The New Plague’ ‘Infected’ ‘Secrets Between’ ‘Haze’ ‘Forbidden Line’ 'Lost And Forgotten’ lyric video: For more info visit Facebook.

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