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June 10, 2009, 9 years ago

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Philadelphia-based FAITH OR FEAR recently signed a globally distributed record deal with Lost And Found Records. The label is releasing Instruments Of Death, featuring extremely rare, unreleased material which spans from 1987 through late 1990. The release will feature artwork from the legendary thrash metal icon Ed Repka (MEGADETH, THE MISFITS, DEATH, RAVAGE). The 14 tracks are divided into three sections since they were all recorded at different times.

The 1st section, (tracks 1-4) represent the Dehumanized Demo from 1987 which was responsible for catapulting FOF to national music industry notoriety with the title track 'Dehumanized' which was featured on Metal Blade's Metal Massacre 9 compilation release. Also from this section is the title track 'Instruments Of Death' which was available on FOF's Combat release Punishment Area in 1989 but only as a bonus track on the CD and cassette versions. What makes section 1 of this new CD special is that it has been entirely re-recorded in it's original version in February 2009. Nothing has been significantly changed, just simply a great opportunity to record and play these FOF classics all over again 22 yrs later, as they were written in 1987.

Section 2 (tracks 5-9) represent the original recording sessions once FOF had regrouped from a lineup change and re-solidified itself with not only 2 new members but also a bold new and aggressive style and sound. This section is important in the sense that it was material which was written and recorded in late 1990 as preparation for a follow up release to 'Punishment Area'. Often referred to as the 'True Life' recordings, it was and still remains some of the most progressive and innovative songwriting that FOF has ever created including FOF's only instrumental 'Straight To Hell'.

Section 3 (tracks 10-14) , often referred to as the Power Lies Demo, conclude this new cd with some of the most rare material that FOF has ever recorded. The original reels to this section were re-discovered, restored, and over an arduous 2 month period, painstakingly re-mixed as best as possible considering that these recordings from late 1989-early 1990 were substandard due to studio limitations in 1989 as well as poor tape quality due to degradation over 20yrs time. Nonetheless, this material represents FOF at a particularly difficult and transitional time while regrouping into what would become the very successful True Life lineup. FOF as well as L&F; Records both strongly felt that 'Instruments Of Death' would not truly be complete without the inclusion of this last section. A mixture of old and new, 'Instruments Of Death' is a realistic history of music which best describes Faith Or Fear to it's very core.

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