FAMOUS UNDERGROUND Frontman Nick Walsh To Perform With Canadian Rock Legends MOXY In Toronto This Month

February 12, 2014, 3 years ago

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FAMOUS UNDERGROUND frontman Nick Walsh is gearing up for another live show fronting Canadian rock legends MOXY. The did will take place at Rockstar Fridays in Toronto, Ontario on February 28th. The band TORONTO featuring vocalist Holly Woods will also be playing on the night.

Go to this location for event information.

Walsh has checked in with the following update:

"This is gonna be a great night at a place I haven't played in many moons! I will be performing with Moxy this evening playing some classic Canadian rock! So come out and enjoy a night of music and kick out the winter blahs!See ya there."

The Metal On Ice EP was release in October 2013 via Coalition Music/Warner Music Canada. It tells the tale of Canadian hard-rock through the re-recording of chart-topping heavy metal hits from the 1980s and features the following tracklisting:

'On The Road To Rock' - Nicholas Walsh (FAMOUS UNDERGROUND, SLIK TOXIK) with Victor Langen (KICK AXE)

'Heavy Metal Love' - Brian Vollmer (HELIX)

'Metal Queen' - Lee Aaron

'Don't It Make You Feel' - Darby Mills (HEADPINS)

'Keep The Spirit Alive' - Russ Dwarf (KILLER DWARFS)

'Hey Operator' - Carl Dixon (CONEY HATCH)

BraveWords heard a brief play-back of the tracks found on the EP recently. Here's a quick over-view of these classic covers:

'Heavy Metal Love' - Brian Vollmer

Singer Brian Vollmer says this song is Helix' biggest hit. Yes, bigger than their signature metal monster 'Rock You', and it's found on the band's No Rest For The Wicked album from 1983. Vollmer mentioned that the coinciding video was launched around the time MTV started to deliver the goods to American televisions and immediately was put into high rotation which helped the band's draw south of the border. The raucous remake has that barreling back-beat from the original, with Vollmer's signature style leading the charge.

'Metal Queen' - Lee Aaron

Lee Aaron hasn't aged a day and her voice still shines as she balances stage life between her jazz standards and more "rocker chick" material. Aaron says that 'Metal Queen' is the ultimate homage to women around the world and their struggles for equality. Arguably her most recognizable song, it also painted her in the corner to some degree. The driving remake is as forceful as it was when it appeared in 1983 as Lee Aaron retains her crown!

'Don't It Make You Feel' - Darby Mills

Most women in rock would die to have this Headpins singer's voice! Sultry, smokey and powerful, this remake does justice to the original with that toe-tapping, swinging backbeat that catapulted the band to the top of the charts in 1982.

'On The Road To Rock' - Nicholas Walsh with Victor Langen (Kick Axe)

A seriously overlooked band … Nick Walsh talked about seeing the BC-based rockers in 1984 on the SCORPIONS's Heavy Metal Hurricane at Toronto's CNE Grandstand Stadium in front of nearly 25,000 fans (along with Helix and QUIET RIOT), so this is a real treat for the former Slik Toxik singer who does the Vices (1984) track justice with his soaring lungs.

'Hey Operator' - Carl Dixon

Another under-rated band and one helluva song. Coney Hatch delivered three albums (and just released a long-awaited fourth this week simply called Four), this from their self-titled first. Singer/guitarist Carl Dixon is lucky to be alive following a near-fatal car accident in Australia in 2008. But he says he's playing/ singing better than ever. It's coming from a deeper place today. This remake displays his talent for fine melodies, catchy chorus lines and that signature riff.

'Keep The Spirit Alive' - Russ Dwarf

Not sure how Russ Dwarf can still hit those notes, but he does. And Sean Kelly sums up this song best as both motivating and uplifting. One of the Dwarfs' classics given a new lease on life!

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