FIREWIND / OZZY OSBOURNE Guitarist Gus G. Featured In New Video Interview

October 17, 2013, 9 months ago

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FIREWIND / OZZY OSBOURNE guitarist Gus G. spoke with Barbara Caserta at Italy's Linearock on October 8th. Check out the interview below: Back in June, Metal Shock Finland's Blackdiamond caught up with Gus G. Discussing this year’s Bloodstock Festival, Gus said: "This is Firewind's one and only UK show for 2013, so it will be pretty special. It’s also our first one in the UK with our new singer. We plan to have a full stage set-up - loads of amps and speakers onstage (laughs). It’s going to be a cool show, I’m looking forward to it.” Gus described his upcoming solo album: "It’s in the process now, I’m in between playing festivals and completing writing and gathering some of the guests for the album. I’m probably going to be recording it sometime in the fall and hopefully can release early in 2014. There are some people that are known and some people that are completely unknown, just great musicians. There’s going to be some instrumentals, some songs with vocals. A lot of the stuff is a bit more mellow, a bit more classic rock-ish sounding.” When asked if he has the newly released BLACK SABBATH album, 13, Gus expressed: "Yeah I downloaded it the first day it came out and I love it, it’s a fantastic album. There’s a lot of great songs on it, they’ve done a great job. I mean what should I say? I’m such a huge Sabbath fan, I’m as excited as everybody else in the world about it! Tony Iommi, it’s unbelievable, this guy, what he comes up with on the guitar." Read/listen to the full interview at this location. Gus G. recently announced exclusive guitar clinics in his native Greece. Dates are as follows: October 18 - Thessaloniki / Radio City Theater 20 - Athens / Ant-art Music Hall Go to this location for details and ticket information
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