Former FIFTH ANGEL Guitarist JAMES BYRD Selling Axe Used On Band's Debut

July 11, 2009, 10 years ago

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The website for former FIFTH ANGEL guitarist JAMES BYRD has been updated as follows:

"This (click photo) Alpine white 1980 Gibson Flying V is the Flying V owned by James Byrd and heard on the classic album Fifth Angel – Fifth Angel is for sale. This guitar was used to record all of the lead guitar tracks on Fifth Angel’s debut album, after which it was retired and 24 years later, it remains just as it was put away, even down to the original strings.

This historic instrument is in outstanding condition; It’s Original Alpine White finish has aged to a rich dark manaila/butter colour, as have it circa 1983 PAF pickups. It features a period correct vintage Gibson “Supertune Vibrola”, nickel Schaller tuners, two cream colored vintage DiMarzio PAF humbucking pickups, dual Bartolini pre-amps hidden under the pickguard, and a very slightly scalloped rosewood fret board. The guitar comes with the original hard case which is well worn and with personal stickers and name stencil intact. A letter of authenticity will also be provided by Byrd.

More pictures of the guitar will be available shortly.

If you are interested in buying this guitar or want more information on this piece of rock metal history please

James Byrd is accepting enrolment of just 4 students for private, individual instruction at $35.00 per hour. That’s right, per hour. Why take lessons from a no-name teacher, when you can learn from an acclaimed master.

This is not instruction for beginners or the lazy, but is intensely focused on technical aspects of guitar performance, including developing improvisational skills, modes and exotic scales, sense of touch and pitch, refined phrasing, and a special emphasis is placed on developing vibrato and string pitch control.

Student Requirements: Highly motivated and dedicated to studies. You do NOT need to read music.

Location - Seattle area. for more information."

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