Former HAIL THE VILLAIN Frontman Bryan Crouch's SIX SIDE DIE To Release Debut Single In May

April 28, 2012, 5 years ago

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Former vocalist and frontman of HAIL THE VILLAIN, Bryan Crouch, has returned to the music scene with rock band SIX SIDE DIE. He has checked in with the following studio update on the band's debut album:

"Listening to a new mix today. Holy rock ballz! Getting very excited to release some tunes! Looking like the single will hit some radio by mid-May.

Make sure you let your local radio stations know you want to here Six Side Die on air!"

In 2011, Crouch was sidelined with a vocal injury that forced him to stop touring and recover from a blister and a hemorrhage on opposing vocal cords. The injury led to a difficult departure from the rock scene and eventually him leaving HTV.

"I almost thought about never singing or performing again" says Crouch, "but it's hard to imagine life without loud noise and a stage to stomp on!".

Eventually, good friend and music engineer Sean Gregory stepped in and began to make music with Crouch once a week as Bryan began to get his voice back. This led to producer and songwriter Murray Daigle stepping in to complete the sound and give a new direction for a band that would soon be called Six Side Die.

Though the sound of the band has matured from Crouch's previous works, the maniac that presents it hasn't. Best known for an over-the-top stage show and sometimes ridiculous performances, fans can rest assured that not much has changed in the showmanship department.

Crouch: "The one thing I look forward to more than anything is making an ass out of myself in front of people! Honestly, It's been a long time since I have seen people smile because of something I did or said. I miss that and always honored the opportunity to do that! The record will be done soon and is expected to release summer of 2012."

Six Side Die also features MODIFIED guitarist Anthony Xander.

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