Former HAIL THE VILLAIN Frontman's SIX SIDE DIE Featured In New Video Interview

May 18, 2013, 4 years ago

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Former HAIL THE VILLAIN frontman Bryan Crouch's SIX SIDE DIE have posted interview footage from their CMW in Toronto, Ontario back in March. Fridae TV caught up with Six Side Die to see whats really going on with the band's forthcoming debut, That F'n Album:

The band recently revealed some of the songs slated to appear on the new record:


'Freeze Frame'

'Family Man'

'Fracture Mon Frere'



'Fuzz Candy'

Six Side Die's debut EP is available via iTunes and (use the widget below). The tracklist is as follows:

'My Enemy'

'Heart Is Dying'

'Die For'

'Break Me'

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