Former THE HAUNTED Guitarist Anders Björler Working On First Solo Album

October 27, 2012, 4 years ago

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Guitarist Anders Björler, who quit THE HAUNTED earlier this month, is currently preparing his first solo album, and offers fans the following update:

"I am doing some test mixes right now. This is NOT a 'metal' project. Those of you who are familiar with my soundtrack / movie stuff for The Haunted and AT THE GATES documentaries will know somewhat to expect...

It's inspired by: Italian film music from the '60 and '70s, post rock, ambient, progressive, jazz, and Swedish folk music."

Upon leaving The Haunted, Anders issued the following statement: “I feel that I have come to the end of the line regarding The Haunted. This is not a sudden or hasty decision. I have been contemplating it for the last couple of years. Peter (Dolving)’s departure earlier this year made me more certain than ever that I had reached my personal goal with The Haunted, and that the time was right to call it quits. I have enjoyed every bit of the ride. It’s been an overwhelming journey. I would like to thank the other band members especially, our crew through the years, and our fans worldwide for the experience and opportunity. Thank you so much! The memories will be with me forever. I will of course continue writing music, but where that leads me?, simply too early to say.”

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