Former THE HAUNTED Vocalist PETER DOLVING On The Death Of Actor Larry Hagman: "That's Great To Hear"

November 23, 2012, 4 years ago

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Actor Larry Hagman, who played J.R. Ewing on the popular television show Dallas, died yesterday, November 23rd, of complications from cancer; he was 81.

Former THE HAUNTED vocalist PETER DOLVING has weighed in on this turn of events:

"So Larry Hagman finally died.

To me that's great to hear. I never liked the guy. Nor his JR Ewing character.

When I was a kid and Dallas was suddenly the thing EVERYONE talked about, it was unbearable. People actually liked this blatantly evil person. There where no redeeming values, no charm, no kindness, no care, just pure unadulterated repulsive vile psychopathic greed oozing out from the TV-screen and people loved it. LOVED it.

To this day I am still overjoyed every single time someone from that generation, with those values, even if they are people in my own family, dies. It is good. Those people are fucking wicked, malfunctioned shitty human beings, and the fake lovey dovey all-inclusive fuckers out there who live with and excuse themselves through the lies that come with selfserving deception deserve nothing less.

It's a beautiful thing this inescapable death. Yes. It is utterly devastating when someone you love dies, and most I have almost died my first thought has been 'FUCK! Not yet!'. But when an asshole dies, the feeling of serene joy fills me. They will do no more harm. I'm sure there will be more to fill their place, but there's a gap in time where one more asshole just won't do more damage.

It's strange; Speaking out what I feel has made it clear to me that I am far from alone in my general outrage with apathy and selfish indifference. Yet everytime I speak, someone's sore spot is pushed and outraged accusation comes flying. It's as if people have this 'Shut the fuck up'-reflex, and a compelling urge to expose themselves.

Triggerwords seem to be stuff like;




The parametrers for 'Good' seem to have switched place with what I learned was 'Bad' when I was a kid. Maybe I got it all wrong. Maybe we're supposed to NOT love ourselves and each other? Maybe we're supposed to strive for a greater gap between rich and poor. Maybe lying, betrayal and general ruthlessness is what will make this a great place for our kids? Maybe the financial balance between ie. Mexico, Nigeria, Laos and Europe is great? Maybe it's cool to be a psychopath? Maybe it's really is a good thing to bully and harass ones way through life?

I highly doubt it. I don't find sitcoms or the rest of the so-called entertainment funny. Most of the time they're just perverse.

A lot of people say things like 'There's more than one truth.' or even 'There is NO truth'. But that's actually a false statement.

Truth is very simple and clear. It is the base-factualities that we all share. We are ON a planet. We are under the power of gravity. We breathe the air that has at one time passed the lungs of other human beings. We drink water that has at any given time passed through the body of another living creature. Our organism consists of biological matter that is generated and regenerated of pre-existing matter surrounding us all and whether we like it or not for every action there is a reaction and a consequence.

Is me pointing this out enough to make you angry enough to want to tell me, or anyone else who speaks about the beauty of reality, to shut up? To fuck off? Does it make you want to ouch me?

If so, don't you think that you had better talk to someone, ie. a shrink, about your obvious issues with reality itself, rather than go trolling?

I mean, we are not REALLY all morons, even though a great deal of us ACT like morons.

We HAVE a choice.

So if someone comments the active moronic choices, it's not likely going to make you seem LESS moronic, nor take the responsibility of your moronic actions away, jumping at it like a rabid dog? Right?

We. The people. Have these choices to make. Every single day.

I am not preaching, like some said the other day. I am appealing, as one human being to other human beings to be brave and strive for courage and truthfulness. I don't think that's weak, lame or cheesy in the slightest.

If you do, have you considered the implications of that?

You don't have to agree with me. But at least read my thoughts. You might just find some actual inspiration?"

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