Former WRATHCHILD Frontman Gaz Harris Joins GYPSY PISTOLEROS

August 23, 2013, 4 years ago

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Former WRATHCHILD frontman Gaz Harris has joined forces with Iggie Pistolero, Jeff Pistolero, and Kenny K Doll of the notorious GYPSY PISTOLEROS.

UK Midlands based and currently signed to Heavy Metal Records, the outfit are set to hit the recording studio in September to start work on a yet untitled album. The first fans will hear of this raucous foursome will be the release of a video taster track in October, taken from the coming album.

They describe their sound as “poke you in the eye good time rock n roll” with the aim to brighten up a stagnant scene.

Iggie Pistolero said, on the collaboration with Harris, “Gaz is a breath of fresh air for myself, Jeff and Kenny. I have a gut feeling people will be pleasantly surprised by what they hear, and if writing and rehearsals are anything to go by, the energy on stage is gonna be electric. All four of us feel so excited to be in this unit together. Anyone who follows us through the band’s website or social network pages will know this is a perfect match..!!!”

Gaz Harris, who departed Wrathchild earlier this month added, “I was instantly innervated by the noise we made the first time we cranked it up together. Energy and chaos delivered in song. The material is coming together naturally and quickly which really shows how balanced this band is. I just want to get out there and do it now. The guys all want the same as me, and when we get out on the road we’re going to kick up a storm. It’s going to be big fun and we look forward to seeing our friends and loyal fans at the shows.”

Whilst the band is focusing the near future priorities around recording the album, you can definitely expect to see them out on the road before the end of 2013.

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