FOSCOR Add Rare And Previously Unreleased Tracks To Back Catalogue Digital Releases

April 7, 2014, 2 years ago

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Having recently released all three of their previous albums digitally, dark metallers FOSCOR have now released some rare tracks including previously unreleased material, and material that has long since sold out, as well as the entire soundtrack of their 10th Anniversary live DVD Deu Anys Vers la Foscor.

Included in the new releases are the XERIÓN cover 'Na Noite Dos Tempos', which was originally included in the 2002 split CD/Tape Xerion vs. Foscor; the 2008 track 'The Ghost Sonata', which was exclusively composed for the never released Toteninsel: A Tribute To Arnold Böcklin album (which is available for free download); and the song 'The Other’s Voice', which was originally included in the long-since sold out 2010 split 7” EP with NECROSADIST, Onslaught Of Black Putrefaction. The new material, together with the three full-length albums, 2004's Entrance to the Shadows' Village, 2007's The Smile Of The Sad Ones and 2009's Groans To The Guilty, all three of which come with their individual booklets, can be found at this location.

Commenting on the decision to release previous material digitally, frontman Fiar said: "Foscor is entering a whole new phase of its existence, and many new fans have started following the band, fans that perhaps don't really know our history, and it seemed like the ideal way to let them find out about us. When we released the three albums we offered them for free download for a month as a thank you to old and new fans, and we received an extraordinary response, with many people actually paying for the albums, rather than downloading them free, and that certainly gives us a lot of confidence for the future".

As well as on BandCamp, the back catalogue, including the new material is also available to stream on YouTube here

Foscor recently completed work on their fourth full-length album, Those Horrors Wither, and are currently looking for a label. Starting out with a sound that was traditional 90's black metal, Foscor have, over the years, refined their style to include doom and dark rock, majestic interludes and a healthy flirtation with prog. Unafraid to experiment, Foscor have taken the unusual step of asking the guests set to appear on Those Horrors Wither, to write and perform connecting passages between the tracks, rather than a straightforward guest appearance on an individual track, something which the band feels has worked extremely well, and gives the album a sense of individuatly.

Nine tracks from Foscor can be heard below:


The official video for the track 'I Tornà de les Cendres' from The Smile Of The Sad Ones can be found below:

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