GENE SIMMONS - "Everything I Learned In School Almost Does Me No Good In The Real World"

November 13, 2017, a year ago

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GENE SIMMONS - "Everything I Learned In School Almost Does Me No Good In The Real World"

In Gene Simmons’ new book On Power: My Journey Through The Corridors Of Power And How You Can Get More Power, the KISS co-founder lays out his theories on how us mortals can climb the ranks to join the wealthy and powerful, writes Mike Ayers of Money Magazine. An excerpt from his recent interview with The Demon is available below:

It’s an interesting time to be advising people about power.

"I don’t think 'advising' is the right word."


"No. And I’ll tell you why. Because everything is relative to your life experience. So all those books that are written like '10 Steps To Success' or 'How You Can Become A Millionaire By Following These 10 Steps' — they’re not really true. If the only thing you have to do is follow those 10 steps, everybody who’s reading those books would be a multi-millionaire."

We’d all be rich.

"Of course. And 'rich' doesn’t mean 'millionaire' anymore. After taxes, you’re barely able to make your mortgage payments. Everything I learned in school almost does me no good in the real world. But what you don’t learn in school, and what they don’t teach you, is people skills, language skills, be at the right place at the right time with the right thing. What’s a mortgage, what are taxes, what’s the price of marriage?"

In the middle of the book, you write “the world doesn’t care about your feelings. The world is full of an unfeeling series of facts.”

"The truth is, the world can exist pretty easily without you. The only way you become important is if you make yourself important... A lot of people who go to Harvard Business school should emulate the Kardashians. They have been able to access power by doing nothing. By having no recognizable talent of any kind, on any level. Not being particularly well read or incisive, politically or economically, or otherwise. But they understand the nature of modern celebrity itself, which is our royalty. I would have Kardashian studies in colleges. How do you use media, for free, to advance your own brand?"

To read the complete interview, visit this location.

On Power - the new book by KISS bassist / vocalist Gene Simmons - officially goes on sale November 14th, however you can pre-order a copy today via Harper Collins. Signed copies are also available through Premiere Collectibles and Book Soup.

About the Book:

You deserve to have power. It is yours for the taking. Gene Simmons is here to unlock the doors to the temple.

Gene Simmons, KISS frontman, multi-hyphenate entrepreneur, and master of self-invention, shares his philosophy on power - how to attain it, how to keep it, and how to harness it as a driving force in business and in life.

As co-founder of KISS, America's #1 gold record-award-winning group of all time, Simmons knows the thrill and seduction of power firsthand. But gold records alone don’t equal power. The decisions you make once you attain a certain level of success are what separate the pretenders from the pantheon.

Inspired by Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince, Simmons offers his unique take on the dynamics of power in every realm of life, from the bedroom to the boardroom, to the world of rock, celebrity, and social media, to politics. With one-of-a-kind anecdotes from his life and career, as well as stories from historical and contemporary masters of power, including: Winston Churchill, Napoleon Bonaparte, Warren Buffett, Michael Jordon, Oprah, and Elon Musk, Simmons crafts a persuasive and provocative theory on how the pursuit of power drives civilization and defines our lives.

The rules of power are changing in today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected world in a way that Machiavelli never could have imagined, and we all need to learn to adapt. Simmons tells readers: Ignore the negatives. Be unrelenting. Rise above the rest. You are the architect of your success.

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