GENE SIMMONS On Illegal Downloading - "You Allowed Your Kids To Go In There And Steal, So Record Companies Are Dying And New Bands Don't Have A Chance"

January 18, 2014, 3 years ago

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In the interview clip below, KISS legend Gene Simmons discusses the threat-turned-reality of illegal downloading and its long term effects on the music industry:

Renown menswear designer John Varvatos has launched a new campaign featuring glam rock icons KISS. Port Magazine recently caught up with Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Varvatos to discuss the project; an excerpt is available below:

John Varvatos: "I was invited to a KISS gig here in Milan last year. I brought about 12 people from my staff. A lot of them had not seen KISS before and they had their minds blown. One girl in her early 30s actually said it was one of the best days of her life, not just listening to KISS but hanging out with the band."

Paul Stanley: "We’re just kindred spirits! I don’t see John as part of the fashion community, he’s part of the rock’n'roll community. The clothes are comfortable, they fit you like a good guitar. I love John’s clothes because they are timeless. Fashion is useless next year whereas style is timeless. John’s clothes always echo back to many of my heroes in the '60s and '70s without looking retro. That’s the beauty with style, to be able to be influenced by something without copying it. It’s like great cooking where you mix great ingredients in the right proportions."

Gene Simmons: "Yeah, anything worth doing is worth doing well. The little Italian shoemaker on the corner – it’s a thing of the past unfortunately – but he used to take pride in every nail he put into the shoes so that he knew that, when someone wore them, they stood the test. And when KISS puts on the shows of shows, it’s every show. People feel it when they leave. Pride. It’s a word that’s not used enough. You want to stand behind, in front of and in your work – whether it’s art or digging a ditch."

The band can be seen performing the classics 'C'mon On And Love Me' and 'Rock And Roll All Nite' while wearing the John Varvatos Spring/Summer 2014 line of clothing. The three-minute clip also includes Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley reminiscing about their career.

Click here to view more photos from the campaign.

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