GEOFF TATE Versus Music Enthusiast Magazine: Round 2 - "Shoved His Hand At My Camera With Enough Force To Strike Me In The Head"

January 19, 2014, 3 years ago

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Back in May 2013, vocalist GEOFF TATE (QUEENSRŸCHE) spoke with William Clark at Metal Enthusiast Magazine for what turned out to be a rather evasive interview on Tate's side (found here). In a review of Tate's recent Queensrÿche show in Orlando, Clark gives the vocalist his due but claims that Tate attacked him intentionally from the stage.

An excerpt from the review is available below:

"Throughout the past year and a half, or perhaps even more recently due to the upcoming outcome of the Queensrÿche court trial, the members of this lineup have tightened up their act, stayed truer to the original recordings and measured up to the high expectations which come along with taking an iconic album to the stage in its entirety.

Even original lead vocalist Geoff Tate, who has similarly been faced with blinding heat for his live performances, made what appeared to be a conscious effort to match the same high notes he originally emitted back in 1988 with varying success. Occasionally there were some clear highlights from Tate vocally throughout the concert, including a ranging scream during 'The Needle Lies', which was met with a surprised reaction from the audience.

Whether this surge of newly found passion can be attributed to vocal lessons, the forthcoming court verdict or the fact that Tate was celebrating his 55th birthday that night, it made a difference from the perspective of an audience member.

The enhanced performances, as well as the gape-eyed stardom which comes along with witnessing a personal longtime favorite album performed live, all of these are qualities which would in most cases add up to an unforgettable Queensrÿche show. And these same features, at least in the eyes of this reviewer, were immediately diminished to lackluster status following an out lash from the band’s front man during 'Speak'.

Geoff Tate made an intentional move to walk over to the same side of the stage where this photographer was standing during the third full length song of the set, bend down and shove his hand at my camera, with enough force to strike me in the head and knock me back two steps. This is an attack which feels retaliatory following my interview with Tate eight months ago, especially considering I was the only authorized photographer at the event.

Following the assault, it was everything I could do to show restraint and remain professional. However, it made listening to Tate’s speech on 'refinding his religion' towards the end of the concert sickening, especially from the standpoint of a dedicated fan. The fact that Geoff Tate would treat not only a fan but a member of the press in such a manner is disturbing."

Go to this location for the complete review.

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