GEORGE LYNCH On DON DOKKEN - "He Is Just A Piece Of Shit"

May 20, 2011, 7 years ago

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GEORGE LYNCH, the charismatic former lead guitarist for DOKKEN, and leader of his own dual rock bands, LYNCH MOB and SOULS OF WE, spoke with Guitar International's Rob Cavuoto about the much anticipated and failed Dokken reunion, and shared his feelings about Don Dokken, who recently issued a few comments on Lynch and the tour.

Says Cavuoto: "At the time of my interview with George, he had not read what Don had posted but offered the following about him and the reunion."

The following is an excerpt from the interview with Lynch:

Q: I’m not sure if you saw what Don had just posted about he failed reunion. Do you ever get tired of comments?

A: "I haven’t seen his post, but yeah, that’s why there isn’t going to be a Dokken reunion. As important as it is for closure and for the fans, to put a happy cap on the ending of the story, it’s still outweighed by shamelessness of this character. He embodies everything I hate about this business. I have no respect for him and he can’t be trusted. It’s all about him. He was always the least creative person, but made himself important by tricking people businesswise. Lying in the press, saying he wrote everything. He’s been playing smoke and mirrors his whole career. I think that’s disgusting in any business, not just in the music business. I have to ask myself, 'Do I want to play with someone like that?'"

Q: I really thought the reunion was going to happen when you went on Eddie Trunk’s That Metal Show. I assumed, as most fans, that this was a done deal.

A: "I feel like a fool because I got played again for the last fucking time! Like an idiot I went along with it but looking back I see what he was really doing. He was blowing wind in his sails by creating the impression that there was a reunion pending. That people were going to wake up and pay attention, that his guarantees were going to go up, and people are going to show up to his shows thinking I’m in the band. If we did reunite we would all be working for him. He’s a miserable guy and he will stay miserable in his own skin. I wouldn’t want to have 100 million dollars and live in that guy’s brain and skin. He is just a piece of shit."

Read more at Guitar International.

Check out Don Dokken's previous comments in a post at this location.

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