GHOST Premier Part 1 Of New Documentary Web Series

September 12, 2013, 4 years ago

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Swedish heavy metal band GHOST (aka Ghost B.C.) have premiered Part 1 of a new documentary web series, entitled Papaganda.

Papaganda explores the papal lineage, the reign of Papa Emeritus II, and the future of the Ghost dynasty. The series was directed by Greg Olliver, who co-directed and produced 2010's Lemmy, and a soon-to-be-released psychological thriller/horror, Devoured. Watch the full episode below and stay tuned for additional episodes in the series to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

"You can't point a camera at Ghost without every frame of footage looking like heavy-metal gold", said Olliver. "To work with a band that's on a fast rise to fame and has a mysterious story which is currently unraveling requires an entirely different approach. Add in the anonymity of the group and the look that they have... and you suddenly have a whole lot to chew on as a director. The only downside is that I felt a bit silly on stage filming NOT wearing a robe and black mask."

"Greg has the perfect mix of story-telling acumen, musical taste and a fondness for the macabre... it made him the ideal choice to tell the story of Ghost." said Adam Farrell, creative director of the band's label, Loma Vista.

Filming for the series and planned feature-length documentary began on the summer festival circuit and continues through the year. It is being produced through Greg Olliver's NYC based production company, Secret Weapon Films.

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