Gigantour 2006 - Australian Mini-Tour Diary Available: "If Satan Had A Wife, It Would Be In The Form Of ANGELA GOSSOW"

November 9, 2006, 13 years ago

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Australian online publication The has issued a Gigantour mini-tour diary covering the Brisbane and Melbourne shows. The Brisbane entry can be found below, the entire report and pictures can be found here.

Gigantour - The Riverstage, Brisbane, Australia, October 21 2006

Words by Jamie Cook and images by Simon Milburn

"The week leading up to this show would’ve been the biggest week ever for metal bands to play in Brisbane. Only four days prior KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, LAMB OF GOD and UNEARTH passed through our great city, and now Brisbane and the East Coast of Australia were graced with Gigantour, which could end up turning into one of the world’s leading metal touring festivals. Unfortunately, Australia was only given four bands, and only two of those were from the recent U.S. tour, that being ARCH ENEMY and headliners MEGADETH. Sure, Aussie fans would’ve rather seen bands like OVERKILL and INTO ETERNITY on the bill, but as our country misses out on so many quality acts touring here, beggars can’t be choosers.

Today’s concert was an outdoor show, and that leads me to pay close attention to the weather in days coming up to the event. Earlier in the week, Mr. Weatherman predicted thunderstorms and heavy rain. Apart from today, when has the weather bureau ever got things right? On the walk to the venue, the heavens opened and down came the rain. This was going to be a long cold night, and a wet one at that.

As the day wasn’t off to a tip top start, it only got worse when first band, Germany’s CALIBAN, took the stage. Ripping through their attempt of a poor man’s Killswitch Engage just wasn’t enough to take my mind off getting a wet arse. In fact, I found getting wet and shivering more enjoyable than watching this uninspiring junk. I swear if I see another band with a whimpy ass emo looking guy sing tough guy hardcore vocals and a band that play repetitious breakdowns in each and every song I’m going postal. On a positive note though, some of today’s crowd seemed to enjoy what Caliban had on display, but I found their performance as captivating as masturbating with a cheese grater.

If Satan had a wife, it would be in the form of Angela Gossow from Sweden’s Arch Enemy. Whilst only a petite lady, she has a voice from the bowels of hell and one that could castrate any hot blooded male. Opening with 'Nemesis', the frenzied Brisbane crowd reacted like rabid dogs at feeding time. Ex-CARCASS guitarist Michael Amott was in fine form and never missed a note, while drummer Daniel Erlandsson punished his kit with blistering beats. Arch Enemy carved up the crowd with songs such as 'Ravenous', 'My Apocalypse', 'Dead Eyes See No Future' and the last tune of the evening, 'We Will Rise'. This was the second time in less than a year Arch Enemy played Brisbane, and this time round there were still some fans of the earlier Arch Enemy that were disappointed with the absence of older songs. But having said that, one cannot deny the fact that this band played a relentless and worthy set. Sensational.

With chants of “Max, Max, Max”, this could only mean one thing - it’s time for SOULFLY to wreak some havoc on Brisbane with their jumpdafuckup style of metal. Back in Australia with a new band in toe after a four year absence to these shores, metal legend Max Cavalera and Co. were about to prove they haven’t lost it after that time.

It was great to see bassist Bobby Burns (ex-PRIMER 55) take the stage after his unfortunate stroke just over a month earlier, as the rumour of Dave Ellefson (ex-Megadeth) or Danny Lilker (ex-BRUTAL TRUTH) would fill in while Bobby was on the road to recovery. Opening with the powerhouse 'Babylon' from their back to form album Dark Ages, the pit in front of the stage raged with energy and intensity. Maybe all the moshing was some kind of rain dance, as it was during Soulfly’s set that the rain was at its heaviest and pelted down on the punters, even causing a good number to throw in the towel and head for home. For the many that did stay on, Soulfly belted out the favourites left right and centre - 'Arise Again', 'Prophecy', 'Seek n Strike', 'Jumpdafuckup', 'Back To The Primitive' and for the hordes of SEPULTURA fans, 'Roots Bloody Roots' and 'Chaos AD'. One of the high points of the new Soulfly is watching new guitarist Mark Rizzo (ex-ILL NINO) flaunt his diverse talent, even showcasing his Flamenco skills during one song. As we near the climax of tonight’s set, Max brings out his son Richie Cavalera to lend his vocals to the first ever Soulfly single, 'Bleed'. From the moment Richie steps onto the Riverstage, it’s evident he strives to be what his father is, by bounding around trying to work the crowd, but unfortunately, as many would agree, falls flat on his arse trying to do so. As another old saying goes “never send a boy to do a man’s job”. So did Soulfly deliver the goods? Hell yes they did, sign sealed and delivered. Let’s just hope next time it’s not another four years between drinks and we see them in a dryer venue.

Having only played Australia in April 2005, headliner’s Megadeth were about to do it all again eighteen months later. This was my fourth time seeing them play, and each time it has been with a different lineup. Seeing Megadeth perform on a big stage was something I’d craved since witnessing them on the Rust in Peace tour at Festival Hall in February of 1991. With the rain easing, things takeoff with Blackmail The Universe. It was almost impossible to fault Megadeth in any way, shape or form with their performance this evening. Dave Mustaine looked cool, confident and relaxed and praised our “beautiful country". The Drover brothers played the earlier material like it was their own, and new bassist James ‘J-Lo’ Lomenzo (ex-BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and WHITE LION) has surely been a strong replacement for James MacDonough, not only with his playing ability, but his whole stage charisma shone through like the evening star. Although the last Megadeth release was a Greatest Hits album, the setlist proved to be just that as well, and would’ve satisfied any old school metal fan. 'Kick the Chair', 'Wake Up Dead', 'Symphony Of Destruction', 'Take No Prisoners', 'Peace Sells...', 'In My Darkest Hour', 'Sweating Bullets', 'Mechanix', and a “song about aliens” 'Hangar 18' were just some of what was played, and we were even treated to a new track, 'Washington Is Next'. 'Holy Wars' ended the Megadeth two hour experience, which can only be described as flawless.

It was Dave’s statement “next year we’ve got something special planned for you” that had a lot of people talking. Could this mean more bands? Could this mean bands us old school metalheads have waited all our lives to see? Whatever happens, I was proud to witness the first Australian Gigantour and I’ll be making sure I keep that day free when it rolls around in 2007."

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