GLEN DROVER - Video Interview From Heavy MTL's Battle Of The Bands Online

March 4, 2012, 7 years ago

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Canadian guitarist GLEN DROVER (EIDOLON, MEGADETH, KING DIAMOND, TESTAMENT) is featured in a new interview with, conducted on February 8th in Montreal during Heavy MTL's Battle Of The Bands. Drover was one of the judges at the event.

Heavy MTL 2012 will take place at Parc Jean-Drapeau from August 11th to 12th. Check out the interview below:

Drover issued the following update on February 3rd:

"Hello All! As of Yesterday, I finished proofing all of the video editing for the new Glen Drover Band live DVD! This was the Magna Carta/Metalworks webcast that we played last summer, and Im super happy with the end result! The DVD consists of the entire concert we did on September 25th, 2011, as well as a bonus clip we did for the song 'Mirage' after the event had finished.

For fun, we also played a version 'Symphony Of Destruction' with me singing it. WOOO HOOOO!

Also, all of the mixing and mastering for audio was done in my recording studio, before being handed over for the synching process of audio and video. I'm not 100% on the exact release date, but im told by the record company (Magna Carta) that it should be sometime in June 2012. I'll let you all know as soon as it's confirmed....

Aside from all that good stuff, I have just started the initial editing of songs for the next GDB album. We have a bunch of really cool material from Jim, Paul and myself that im very excited about. This album will most likely continue down the same path of style as Metalusion, but will also have more “metal” style songs this time around.

The recording process should start within the next month or 2, and hopefully have a new album ready sometime later in the year.. I'm also happy to say that Chris Sutherland is back on drums. We had some personal issues, which led to us deciding that we should part last summer, but just recently, Chris and I met up and had a nice talk (we both teach at MWI in Toronto) and seemed to have ironed out our issues and decided that we really need to get back together and carry on with the next album. It was very clear after seeing a lot of the video footage of the webcast DVD I was telling you about earlier, that we have a really good chemistry and want to forge ahead and see if we can move forward without anything get in our way this time around.

As far as the recording process, we spent a long time on the last album, not necessarily working consistently on the album, but also doing a lot of reflecting on the songs, making sure the songs were going in the right direction, and would grow on us over a period of time, which they all did. We will probably continue with the same process, as it seemed to work great last time around. Metalusion is really one of the very few albums I have ever been a part of that I can say I enjoy from beginning to end. We are all very proud of that album indeed."

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