GOD AMONG INSECTS - World Wide Death Mastered

April 24, 2004, 15 years ago

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GOD AMONG INSECTS have issued the following update via their official website (tph.statikmajik.com):

“We have now been in Stockholm, at Cosmos Mastering, and mastered the upcoming God Among Insects album. It all went great and the various samples added to the album brought the excellence of this piece to another level.

Clocking in at 35 minutes-something, you fans of brutal and groovy death metal have something to really look forward to when this masterpiece gets released in August 2004 through Threeman Recordings. The layout for the album is finished as well, and everything is set to go.

The samples you will hear at this site are still the unmastered ones, which means no samples or added effects are put in. We have a few more clips to tease you with, and at a later time we will put up a mastered, full-length track for you, we just haven’t decided when yet.

But believe us when we say: World Wide Death will destroy you all.

The Insects, April 24th 2004”

As previously reported, God Among Insects’ World Wide Death album is due out in August through Threeman Recordings and was recorded at Abyss Studios with Tommy Tägtgren.

God Among Insects lineup includes: Lord K (THE PROJECT HATE), Emperor Magus Caligula (vocals, DARK FUNERAL), Tobias Gustafsson (drums, VOMITORY) and Tomas Elofsson (bass, SANCTIFICATION).

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