GOD SEED - Live At Wacken 2008 CD/DVD In January

November 30, 2011, 5 years ago

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GOD SEED, featuring former GORGOROTH members Gaahl and King, will issue their infamous live show from Wacken 2008 on CD/DVD via Indie Recordings on January 27th in Europe and January 31st in North America.

The CD will include footage of the group's infamous live show in Wacken, Germany where they headlined the main stage in front of 75,000 screaming fans. The show was a reconstruction of the controversial Black Mass show from Krakow in 2004. The concert featured sheep heads on stakes, "crucified" nude models, satanic symbols, and gallons of liters of sheep's blood. The members of God Seed came under fire for violating Polish blasphemy laws as well as Polish animal-rights laws, resulting in a police investigation with allegations of religious offence and cruelty to animals. The band went free of all charges and at Wacken 2008 they recreated this now-legendary show in all its glory. This spectacular show will be made available as a live CD, including the film of the entire show on DVD. The album will only available in a deluxe digipack edition. Live At Wacken features session players Nick Barker (drums; LOCK UP, ex-DIMMU BORGIR), Teloch (guitar) and Ice Dale (guitar; ENSLAVED) alongside King and Gaahl.

Tracklist CD/DVD:

'Procreating Satan'

'Forces Of Satan Storms'


'Carving A Giant'

'A Sign Of An Open Eye'

'Wound Upon Wound'


'Of Ice And Movement'

'Prosperity And Beauty'

Commented King: "God Seed represents a more spiritual side to us than what we have presented in the past. God Seed represents the will to grow; the will to be the super man, so to speak. It represents the god within man, and the god within nature. I never believed in a Christian force named Satan. I believe in the god within man."

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