GORY BLISTER - Live Raw Show Available For Free Download

February 8, 2013, a year ago

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Long-running Italy-based technical death metallers GORY BLISTER are offering up a free online download of an extract from their last live show, held this past January 19th at the Community Giovanile in Milan. Dubbed Live Raw, seven live tracks are downloadable audio free. On Deli Radio, extracted from the last two albums, Graveyard of Angels and Earth-Sick, are supported by two live videos registered during the same show. Check them out below: This is the tracklist: 'Earthsick' 'H.I.V.' 'Shining Hades' 'Decanted Embryos' 'Dominant Genhetics' 'The Hatch Opens' 'World Damnatomy' Download the show here. Guitarist Raff states: "The sound of these live tracks and as the title says 'raw', is raw, powerful and genuine, without editing and overdubs of any kind, to highlight the genuine attitude of Gory Blister live performance, a technique and modern band and but, always inspired by the old school death metal of the '90s."
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