Gothic Romance Vol. 4 Compilation Album Release Date, Tracklisting Announced

February 15, 2011, 4 years ago

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Gothic Romance Vol. 4 compilation album will be released on February 25th via ZYX music/Golden Core Records. Artwork for the album can be seen below:
Tracklisting for Gothic Romance Vol. 4 is as follows: Disc 1: PARADISE LOST – ‘Your Own Reality’ MONO INC. – ‘In My Darkest Hour’ BURY ME DEEP – ‘The Pain’ ANGELZOOM – ‘These Arms Of Mine’ LEAVES' EYES – ‘Norwegian Lovesongs’ A SPELL INSIDE – ‘Waiting’ GOLDEN APES – ‘Windlands’ LOVE LIKE BLOOD – ‘Remember’ SECRET DISCOVERY – ‘Broken’ TRAUMTAENZER – ‘Die Wahrheit’ LIV KRISTINE – ‘Love In Grey’ NIGHTWISH – ‘Walking In The Air’ MEGAHERZ – ‘Mein Gral’ TEUFEL – ‘Alles Nur Ein Traum’ THE HOUSE OF USHER – ‘To Whatever End’ Disc 2: SIRENIA – ‘Save Me From Myself’ IMPERIA – ‘Broken Wings’ LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE – ‘Dead Heart Serenade’ THEATRE OF TRAGEDY – ‘Venus’ WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW – ‘Blessed In Disguise’ EXIT TO EDEN – ‘Remember’ THE COLD – ‘Just For Tonight’ SCHÖNGEIST – ‘Nie Mehr Allein’ SCREAM SILENCE – ‘Euphoria’ DENIGHT – ‘The Core’ DESTROID – ‘Let Me Leave’ SINAMORE – ‘Darkness Of Day’ LETZTE INSTANTZ – ‘Dein Licht’ SCHANDMAUL – ‘Prinzessin’ EDENBRIDGE – ‘Eternity’

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CONTINUUM - “A Surreal Descent”

CONTINUUM - “A Surreal Descent”

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