GRAVE DESECRATOR Lay Down Plans For 2013

January 4, 2013, 4 years ago

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Brazilian death/black metal band GRAVE DESECRATOR check in to reveal their plans for the new year.

Says the band: "We'd like to thank you for all the support during 2012 and inform you some news about the GD activities for 2013. Our split 7" EP in vinyl with the German band AUGRIMMER will be released in some months by the Portuguese/Dutch label, Helldprod. The title is Bloody Deathcross and our title track is 'Satan's Sigh'! It's fucking raw and unclean sound for sure!! Be warned!!!

We're late due to many problems but our waited third full-lengh album shall be launched in 2013 by Pulverised Records. You can wait for some mortal songs in a most particular GD standards. You'll feel some innovations or different approach in some lines, but the same devilish Brazilian blackest metal massacre will stay there and even more destructive and insane!!! Harris Johns will mix and master it, so you can expect one of the most abrasive albuns for this miserable year! Vinyl version by Blood Harvest Records, tape version will be dealed to Helldprod and the US version CD by Hell's Headbangers!!

Some gigs will be announced but no extensive tour for this year... However we're open for proposals to reach all the countries and Brazilian states possible!

The LP version of our live album by Demonhood Productions, as well as other releases, such as a split 7" EP with SLAUGHTERBATH (Chile) and another full 7" EP by Demonhood Productions are in our plans for this year! So beware and stand by the evil metal! The only that never lies!!!"

More on Grave Desecrator at this location.

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