Guitar Virtuoso JAMES WILLIAMS Releases Eclectic Shred CD Featuring SYMPHONY X And JAMES LABRIE Members

November 12, 2012, 4 years ago

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Guitar virtuoso JAMES WILLIAMS has released his new solo CD, Eclectic Shred, featuring guest appearances by Mike LePond from SYMPHONY X and Matt Guillroy from JAMES LABRIE / YNGWIE MALMSTEEN.

“Quality songs, quality players. Just an honor to work with James Williams and be part of this kick-ass project”, says Mike LePond.

Eclectic Shred tracklisting:

'B17 Flying Fortress'


'Dropa Stones'

'Unborn Massacre'


'Eclectic Shred'

'Cruise Control'

'Maxwells Castle'


'Journey To Andromeda'

In regards to the outcome of Eclectic Shred, James explains, “There is so much diversity in this record it should satisfy the solo hungry guitar fans, the song composition fans, and anyone who likes fusion with odd time signatures, power Symphony X rhythms to Hendrix, Ynwie and classical lovers of guitar and keys.”

Adding to his impressive guitar virtuosity, James also plays bass, keyboards, drum programming, along with composing all the symphony arrangements. He also produced and mixed the album at his personal recording facility, X Opus studio.

Says James, “As far as the players on Eclectic Shred, I am really happy with how that turned out, as it can be a challenge to communicate to guys that are in other parts of the US and can't come to your studio. However, the players I used were great at doing their thing. I am so happy to be able to have gotten my good friend Mike LePond from Symphony X to play bass on the album – he is a bass god! His timing and interpretation is masterful, and he wrote his own lines and played the way he wanted as he heard it. Mike is the best prog-metal has to offer – Symphony X is my favorite modern metal band and the best out there musically. I got in touch with Matt Guillroy through my good friend Mike Varney, the famed progressive guitar producer who brought us Yngwie and Jason Becker. Matt plays keyboards for James Labrie and has worked with Yngwie – he is better on keys sounding like a guitar than most guitar players. He is a master of the keys and I was so glad to get him on the record shredding solos!”

Purchase Eclectic Shred here. More on James Williams here.

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