Guitarist CRAIG GOLDY To Release Full Album "In Honour" Of RONNIE JAMES DIO

May 18, 2014, 3 years ago

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Former Dio guitarist Craig Goldy has checked in with the following update:

"I just got back from Los Angeles from the memorial at Ronnie's gravesite that was so honorable and respectful, filled with wonderful family and friends that it was truly a service deserving of him! I'm just still not over it yet and never will be!

I wish to thank everyone that has given me the overwhelmingly positive response to the two new songs that have been recently released in Ronnie's honor! As I said before, I want to continually keep his memory alive! But I also want to keep his 'way' alive as well! I had a correspondence with one of his special fans (that turned into family members) recently and hope that by using a portion of what I said to them here, won't seem disrespectful to them, but it dawned on me as I wrote them. He had a special way about him that only he could really present to the world in full, but I can try to do my part for what I am able to do that is 'like' him. I will do!!

I will be myself and the person God made me to be, but I also think that it was God who allowed me the unequalled honor to know him and work with him in the way that I was invited to do and that all I have learned from him will 'spill-over' into the next chapter of my life that will be a continuation of his ways and what I'm supposed to do on this planet and combined, they will be just one more way to honor him, by trying to live by the same code of ethics that he did, while trying to fulfill my destiny that I must now face without him!

Rest assured that the band members that I choose for this will be good people and not just good musicians! And also rest assured that Mark is a good person to his very core, and that I hope you will get a chance to know him like I do! There will be a full album to follow, and tours. There already are high quality record companies that are interested in this project and some that want to have us right now! My new manager and the other people in very respectful positions within the music industry have advised me to wait and get a proper amount of songs together besides these two, before we decide who we go with! I will keep you posted on our progress!

I will try to contact those people that have given me a special message with their downloads personally, it will take some time, and it is by all means worth it, but if you don't hear from me right away, you will be! Thank you all so very much! There will be more that follows in the next few days about all this as well! Especially this coming Monday! But I'll post about that tomorrow!"

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