Guitarist K.K. Downing On Split With JUDAS PRIEST - "Certain Reasons I Will Never, Ever Disclose"; Video Interview Online

November 17, 2011, 9 years ago

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In a new video interview with Valley FM's Grace Bailey, former JUDAS PRIEST guitarist K.K. Downing discusses, among other topics, his split with Judas Priest.

Asked if he's happier now, having left the band, Downing states: "I wish things could have been different, so I could have continued. Obviously, 'cause of the passion. In the 60s, I was very instrumental in creating Judas Priest, and it was a hard bullet to bite. But I thought that if this is gonna be the way that it's gonna be, then perhaps it's time to step down. I think we had a lot of great years."

K.K. continues: "It was a massive consideration, obviously, the fans, who I love, and many of them have become very good friends. But I just hoped that they would appreciate that I couldn't continue with the way that I felt inside for reasons which I'll… I mean, certain reasons I will never, ever disclose."

The 15+ minute interview can be found below:

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