Guitarist RANDY ELLEFSON - Debut Album Re-Release Now Available; "Legends" Track Streaming

July 4, 2014, 3 years ago

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Ten years after releasing his debut instrumental album, rock guitarist Randy Ellefson has re-released The Firebard after re-recording virtually all of it. Like the original, he is the sole performer.

Ellefson has cited numerous rookie mistakes he wanted to fix to make the album comparable with his subsequent four albums, raising the sonic quality. He served as producer, recording engineer and co-mixed the album.

The list of improvements includes live drums instead of a drum machine, some altered melodies, a new guitar solo on “Chimes of Passion”, and occasional use of a 12-string acoustic and a guitar synth for texture. Most of the performances are very similar so that longtime fans won’t object to Ellefson’s updates. Ellefson also avoids the perpetual stereo rhythm guitars on the original release in favor or alternating that with only one rhythm guitar for better variety. Similarly, he used double-tracked, stereo leads guitars on the original but now sticks with just one lead up the middle, making it easier to hear the intricate riffs he’s known for. The mixing and mastering is also vastly improved.

The original release is no longer available.


"Weekend Warrior"
"Into The Act"
"Chimes of Passion"
"Still At Large"
"Motif Operandi"
"A Far Cry"



The Firebard is available now via, and iTunes.

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