HALESTORM Vocalist Lzzy Hale Interviewed By Playboy.com - "We’re A Very Odd Band, I Guess, Because We All Really Like Each Other"

February 7, 2013, 6 years ago

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HALESTORM vocalist Lzzy Hale is featured in Playboy.com's Femme On Fire: Women To Watch For column. An excerpt from the interview is available below.

Sorry folks, the clothes stay on.

Playboy.com: You guys are known for your nonstop touring; what’s your craziest story from the road?

Hale: "Usually they start and end with 'Where is Arejay?' It’s kind of like Where’s Waldo; he has many moments where he will lock himself into a dressing room and can’t get out or lock himself out of the venue two minutes before showtime, cannot find the stage. We actually lost him at a truck stop once. I think touring has become more of a norm for us, we tour more time than we don’t. I always tell people that touring is easy; it’s real life that’s crazy.

When we get off tour things get a little nutty. But I’ll tell you one about my little brother. We knew we left him in Toledo, Ohio. He stumbled out of bed, and he has a really bad habit of not telling people where he goes. We stopped at a truck stop and he got off the bus without telling anybody, in pajamas with no phone, no nothing, to go to the bathroom. So the driver just assumes everyone’s on the bus and we start heading out on the highway. Eventually we all get up and sitting around and the driver is like, “hey, ever since we left there’s been this guy who’s been jogging outside in his pajamas! You guys gotta come and see this!” Sure enough, we see this kid, this little tiny ant spot in the distance in bright orange pants, and we’re joking about how he’s really keeping up with us and I guess he saw us pull out and bolted. And then right before we got on the highway someone said, “Hold on, where’s Arejay?” and then we realized the running kid was Arejay. So thank goodness for those bright orange pants; if it wasn’t for them, we never would’ve seen him!

But we’re a very odd band, I guess, because we all really like each other, so on our off days we’ll go bowling and will end up being all-night extravaganzas with a couple of pitchers of beer. We call them band dates. We don’t get sick of each other, which is cool; hopefully there’s no tequila involved or people lose their pants. It’s a lot of fun. I’m a lucky girl—I have a lot of great guys around me."

Playboy.com: What is your first memory of Playboy?

Hale: "The first time I ever saw a Playboy and I got the, uh, full gamut of it, I had a guy friend when I was 16 or 17 years old, and we weren’t dating but he took me up to his room to show me something—he was the first guy to give me a METALLICA CD too, actually—but, uh, we went up to his room to listen to some CDs and his entire room, like if you did the complete 360, on his wall it was all Playboy photos, just full frontal. And it was great because he always said, 'They have great articles!' and at the time it was hard to believe he was reading for that but then he was like, 'No seriously, here!' So I remember reading Playboy in his room, listening to Metallica. So that was my first Playboy experience. It was a pretty good one!"

Go to this location for the complete interview.

On the official Grammy.com blog page, found here, Hale looks back on the night she received word on stage that the band had received their first ever Grammy nomination.

Photo by Ariel Kassulke

Hale: "We were onstage in Madison, Wisconsin, when we found out that we were nominated for a Grammy. It was in the middle of our set, and I was settling down at the piano for our ballad, 'Break In'. I had just started conversing with the crowd, when I saw Joe (our guitarist) out of the corner of my eye running over to me from the other end of the stage. Joe whispered in my ear, 'We just got nominated for a Grammy,' to which I replied with a series of nearly unintelligible phrases.

The look of shock on my face must have said it all, because the front row started screaming 'What? What!?' I turned to the audience and announced, 'We just got nominated for a Grammy!' The crowd went apes***! None of us expected to get nominated; it was a dream, and something you say in passing, a silent wish. That dream has now come true.

Thank you so much to the Grammy voters for giving us our first Grammy nomination! It was the cherry on top of an incredible year. Here's to us!"

Halestorm recently checked in with the following anouncement:

"Since 'Love Bites (So Do I)' is up for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance at The Grammys, The Strange Case Of ... is available for just $5.99 on Amazon MP3 as part of Amazon's Grammy sale!"

This is a limited time offer. Use the Amazon widget at the bottom of the page to purchase.

The Strange Case Of… tracklisting is as follows:

‘Love Bites (So Do I)’

‘Mz. Hyde’

‘I Miss The Misery’

‘Freak Like Me’

‘Beautiful With You’

‘In Your Room’

‘Break In’

‘Rock Show’

‘Daughters Of Darkness’

‘You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing’

‘American Boys’

‘Here’s To Us’

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