HALESTORM Vocalist Lzzy Hale - "The First Record Was Über Clean And A Little Vague; On The Strange Case Of... I Said 'Fuck It' And Wrote What I Wanted To Write"

September 4, 2013, 4 years ago

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Total Atlantic City Blog recently caught up with HALESTORM vocalist/guitarist Lzzy Hale. An excerpt from the interview is available below:

TAC: How does it feel to be the chick amongst the guys? Do you ever feel like you need any girl time or do you like it?

Lzzy Hale: "I like it! Too much estrogen makes it a little weird! I spend so much time with the guys that literally I become a crazy person when there are too many girls around. We’re usually not touring with a bunch of girls. The last tour I had that was consistently with another girl was Carnival of Madness last year with Amy Lee (EVANESCENCE). Within the first five minutes of us meeting it was shoes, boys, makeup, all these things pouring out of me that I never talk about! The guys in my band were like you become a different person when Amy’s around! I like being a girl. I like being with my guys. We all meet in the middle somewhere. They’re not uber agro, they actually have really good hygiene (laughs) and for the most part, they enjoy everything that I like to do too. I think that just comes from growing up together. I’ve never taken being a girl in a band as a negative thing. It’s nice to stick out like a sore thumb on whatever bill and it’s nice to torture all of the guys that are on the tour with you because you can wear the high heels and they can’t! It’s a lot of fun!"

TAC: You are a role model to so many of your female fans. How does that make you feel? Does it freak you out at all or do you kind of just go with it?

Lzzy Hale: "I always err on the side of honesty. I’m sure I’m going to say something stupid over twitter or something like that if I haven’t already. Either way whether it’s a bad influence or a good influence, I’m not going to pretend to be something I’m not. It’s just too much work to keep up with this weird façade. People have kind of attached themselves to me because I represent something to certain people and it’s so incredibly flattering. At first it did freak me out to the point of where I was like should I say that? I think the difference between the first record and the second record was kind of like the battle between that in my mind. The first record was uber clean and a little vague. It was me trying to figure out if I should just say what I want to say or if I was going to get angry letters from parents. This last record that we did, The Strange Case Of, I just for lack of a better term, just said f*ck it and wrote what I wanted to write. I think that people gravitate more towards the honesty rather than if you’re trying to be this squeaky, clean person. Hopefully I don’t scar too many people! It’s really flattering because we see a lot of girls coming to our shows that are starting bands and started playing guitar and writing songs. It’s really neat to see. I didn’t have a whole lot of that growing up which is part of the reason why all the people in my band are guys because I connected more to that and that’s what there was. It’s really neat to stand on the stage and see all these girls. I’m very proud."

Click here for the complete interview.

posted a Making Of clip for their new video, 'Here's To Us', taken from their latest album The Strange Case Of... Check it out below:

"We wrote this song literally as our personal anthem," Halestorm lead singer Lzzy Hale tells Rolling Stone. "We've been through a lot together as a band, and we've learned to celebrate the low times as well as the highs. It's about toughin' out and respecting the journey for us, and that's how we have kept it together as a foursome for 10 years! Here's to us!"

Upon its release last spring, The Strange Case Of..., the second album from Atlantic Records artist Halestorm, shot to the #1 slot on Billboard’s Hard Rock Albums chart. The first single, 'Love Bites (So Do I)', marked the first song by a female fronted group to top the active rock chart, and earned the band a Grammy award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance. The song was also the #1 song of 2012 on SiriusXM’s Octane. The band’s second single 'Freak Like Me' has already hit #1 on the Active Rock chart and their third single 'Here’s To Us' is climbing the charts now.

Halestorm has performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. True road warriors, the band spent much of 2012 on tour, including countless headline dates around the world, support slots alongside AVENGED SEVENFOLD, GODSMACK, STAIND, and the one and only ALICE COOPER, and festival tours like the Carnival of Madness 2012 Tour with EVANESCENCE.

In concert news, Halestorm has shows booked until the end of November; to view their complete tour schedule click here.

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