HEAVEN BELOW Hit Hard On Self-Titled Release

June 2, 2010, 8 years ago

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Displaying stellar vocals, amazing guitar tones and backed by powerhouse songs, the rock band HEAVEN BELOW brings an exciting and fresh sound to the world of music - as evidenced throughout their new, self-titled release. Fronted by Patrick Kennison - formerly of THE UNION UNDERGROUND - and supported by members Jesse Billson on guitar, John Younger on bass, and Chad Clark on drums, Heaven Below has forged a tour de force of sonic power and songwriting - that is poised to lead the way for new rock music.

“Our sound encompasses the best parts of our influences,” explains Kennison. “We love the vocal harmonies of classic bands like ALICE IN CHAINS, or the angst of legends like Trent Reznor, but our riffs and song ideas tend to be spawn from guitar driven bands like METALLICA, or even RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. Once we put the vocals on, we immediately feel that our music takes on it's own sound.” And on their self-titled release, Heaven Below shows that despite being such a young band, they can easily keep pace with the top dogs of the current rock scene - especially on such standout tracks as “When Daylight Dies,” which was produced by Grammy-award winning/multi-platinum artist Ben Moody of EVANESCENCE.

Heaven Below recently completed their inaugural set of live dates - which saw the group spread the word even further throughout the hard rock/metal community. As Kennison points out, “We pride ourselves on delivering a live show thats dangerous and emotionally vulnerable. Playing on the Sunset Strip has not only strengthened us, but has proved that great songs are only a portion of putting on a great live show. Live, we set out to engage the audience with a video presentation that inter-plays our lyrics and song concepts through our performance. In this day and age we believe the audience deserves a full blown cathartic experience, bar none.”

Kennison adds: “Our future plans are to reach an audience that strives for something fresh and new. If building a touring fan base is one of the requirements, we're primed and ready.”

For more information visit Heavenbelow.net.

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