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April 18, 2004, 14 years ago

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HELIX has posted the following on their official website, www.planethelix.com:

"We reached the end of a three year journey with the completion of Rockin’ In My Outer Space, our first full studio CD since 1993’s It’s A Business Doing Pleasure.

Rockin’ In My Outer Space is a heavy hitting CD with 11 songs: 'Space Junk', 'Rockin’ In My Outer Space', 'It’s Hard To Feel The Sunshine When Your Heart Is Filled With Rain', 'Six Feet Underground', 'Lint And Pennies', 'Everybody’s Got Their Cross To Bear', 'Stumblin’ Blind', 'King Of The Hill', 'The Ballad Of Sam & Mary', 'Panic' and 'Sunny Summer Daze'. There’s quite a few surprises for Helix fans on this one and we’ve used several instruments we’ve never used before - mouth harp (played by Little Bobby Chourney) and theramin."

Rockin’ In My Outer Space is currently available for pre-order here.

But that isn't all as Helix report:

"Now that the new studio CD is finished, we will be turning our attention to the anniversary CD, which will be a collection of tracks taken from CDs we’ve recorded since 1990 plus several unreleased tracks. The CD will be named Never Trust Anyone Over 30 and will feature the following tracks: 'I’m A Live Frankenstein' (re-recorded and re-mixed - very different from the version on Pigs Fly), 'Shock City Psycho Rock' (from the Half-Alive CD), 'Wrecking Ball' (from the Half-Alive CD), 'Tug O’ War' (from It’s A Business Doing Pleasure), 'Hung Over But Still Hangin’ In' (unreleased), 'Sleepin’ In The Doghouse Again' (from It’s A Business Doing Pleasure), 'Heavy Metal Cowboys' (from the Back For Another Taste album), 'Good To The Last Drop' (radio version-never released), 'S-E-X-Rated' (from the B-Sides album), 'Delilah' (unreleased) and 'I Wanna Be Stoned' (unreleased)."

Helix are also working on The History DVD: 30 Years Of Helix - No Rest For The Wicked.

Finally, the band adds: "GO LEAFS GO!"

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