HELIX - "Many Are Cold But Few Are Frozen"

July 10, 2005, 13 years ago

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HELIX mainman Brian Vollmer has posted the following update at their official website:

"Not only are we are going to be busy writing the new studio CD this fall but we're also going to be recording a cover album of Canadian rock songs which is tentatively titled, Many Are Cold But Few Are Frozen. Expect a spring 2006 release.

I’m very honored that my former high school, Listowel District Secondary School, has hired us to play at next year’s 125th anniversary celebrations. L.D.S.S. was were Helix played their very first gig. (a little bit of trivia for you then!) It was a talent show and we played four songs: 'Radar Love' (GOLDEN EARRING), 'The Nazz Are Blue' (THE YARDBIRDS), 'Framed' (ALEX HARVEY), and 'Stealin’' (URIAH HEEP). Whereas the first time around we played the high school gymnasium, this time we’ll be at the arena. Check out the whole weekend’s activities here.

Another one of the events during the weekend will involve getting past members of the choir together, of which I was a member. The L.D.S.S. choirs always came in first at the Kiwanas Festival in Toronto, especially under the direction of Jerry Fagan, who now conducts the Fanshaw Singers in London. It was Jerry who got me into the choir in the first place and to whom I owe a debt of thanks for getting me into classical music. It was also through the high school choir that I got the chance to audition for the Ontario Youth Choir, from which I gained some of my first experiences of being on a big stage and working with world class performers.

Listowel High School was also where I first met our illustrious webmaster, Ron Kingyens, although I don’t remember much of Ron from that period. It wouldn’t be until several years later, as Ron puked off the stage at the Ridout Tavern during our beer drinking contest, that Ron really started to make an impression on me! Actually, when Ron first began working for Radio Shack I was just getting into Helix. As Helix rose in the ranks of rock, so did Ron’s career at Radio Shack. Today Ron is a National Manager of Learning & Communications and designs E-Learning and communications videos for the same company that he began with those many years ago.

That’s it! I’m not working on this fuckin’ book anymore! I can’t stand to read one more page, scan one more picture, or check one more write-up! This week it goes to a publisher in Burlington who has expressed interest in releasing it. The damn thing is getting so big that the girls down at Kinko (where I get it printed) have to put the binding in by hand because there's too many pages to do it with the machine. Trouble is, things just keep happening around here, and then I just have to write about it!"

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