HELIX - Skin In The Game EP Mastered

August 28, 2011, 7 years ago

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HELIX main Brian Vollmer has issued the following update:

"Our new five-song EP is now mastered and ready to go to the pressing plant next week. The only holdup right now is the artwork, but we’re still on schedule to have this disc ready for release before we leave for Europe, possibly before we go west at the end of September. There are now two new dates that have been added to our calendar. One is Winnipeg on October 1st and the other is in our hometown of London, Ontario on November 18th. In regards to the Winnipeg date, Bernie Aubin (our agent) is trying to roll in a couple of more dates, so stay tuned.

As soon as Skin In The Game is released we’re going to be asking fans for feedback as to what song they think should be the first track to radio."

Skin In The Game tracklisting:

'William Tell Overture'

'Skin In The Game'

'The Bitch Is A Bullet'


'Champagne Communist'

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